Tennis Ball for Yoga - 3 Pcs/lot

Tennis Ball for Yoga - 3 Pcs/lot

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Product Description:
Target Audience:Yoga and Pets
Package:3 pcs/lot
Diameter:6.5 cm/2.56"

1. Material: the rubber is durable and resistant to bite and chew, non-toxic and harmless, and the toy has a long service life.
2. Emotional Bridge: you can play the ball with your dogs, which can strengthen the relationship between you and your dogs, and they will believe you more.
3. Use in Yoga Exercise for feet, hands and back 

4. Exercise Toys: ball toy can let dogs do some exercise, such as running, fetching the ball, chew and so on to help them have a healthier body.

5. Interesting: the elastic ball is the dogs' favorite toy, and it can add fun to their lives and make them enjoy the lives.

Package Include:
3 x ball

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